Drop Shipping

Terms of service:

Minimum order quantity of the partner: 20 euros including VAT. sent incorrectly or defective, as described in the terms of use at tradesor.gr
The shipping companies will receive the parcels from Headquarters of Tradesor OE by order of the partner on weekdays and during the period 15: 00-16: 30, except Saturday. Shipping costs will be charged to the partner and the pick-up order will be given to the courier companies at the request of the partner and not our company.
Necessary documents such as retail receipts and invoices to retail customers will be sent exclusively electronically from the partner.
The company Tradesor OE will receive a 4% commission on the final amount of each shipment with VAT that will be made on behalf of the partner and will only concern cash on delivery.

Tradesor O.E. does not bear any responsibility in case the final consumer receives a broken or damaged product under the responsibility of the partner’s courier company.

Tradesor O.E. does not bear any responsibility in case the final consumer does not receive his order within a reasonable time under the responsibility of the transport-courier company of the partner.

Tradesor O.E. must pack safely and with all standard shipping and parcel preparation conditions, all partner shipments intended for the final consumer.

Tradesor O.E undertakes to send all the partner’s cash on delivery orders to the final consumers on the same day if the partner explicitly meets all the following conditions:

1) The order of the partner that will concern delivery to the final consumer by transport-courier, is at least 20 euros including VAT. The maximum volume of partner missions to be performed by Tradesor O.E. will be 15 missions / day.

2) The partner must send the accompanying vouchers via e-mail ( [email protected] ) to a .zip file on weekdays except Saturdays and until 12:30 p.m. Partner orders placed after 12:30 pm will be shipped the next day if it is business.

3) The partner must send electronically all the necessary documents to the final consumer without the mediation of Tradesor OE which does not bear any responsibility in case the final consumer does not receive the corresponding proof of purchase made in electronic partner page.

4) The commission of 4% on the final amount of each shipment will be deposited every 1st of the month in the bank accounts of the company listed below after first sending to the partner a detailed list of his monthly shipments. After the payment of the amount of the commission, the partner will receive the corresponding electronic document.

To register for the service, please download the following file and once you know the terms, you must send it to us signed at tradesor.export @ gmail.com .




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