Hearing aids – HP -680 – 210123 – Happy Sheep

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Hearing aids – HP -680 – Happy Sheep

With this headset you will hear whispers, enhances a sound dozens of times (30 db) result to hear loud and clean with high definition sound from afar and discreetly. You will hear from afar discussions, watch television, theater or lectures from an advantage, and even the slightest whisper. away and magnifies them up to 30 decibels. It will give your ears a sound pure with high definition. with the intensity very high and disturb others. You can watch TV while your partner is sleeping quietly or in any room in the house.

Your ride in the woods will now be another experience you will hear sounds and birds in the woods you have never heard. Each ear.

Caution The audio amplifier this has great enhancement of the sounds
Always start with the sound with low volume and gradually increase it to avoid listening to a strong, unpleasant noise that It can hurt your hearing.
Always lower the volume when a sound or person is approaching you. At close distances the sound will be enhanced and can be too strong.

If the device does not satisfactorily enhance the sound, it means that batteries are exhausted. > Maximum Audio Enhancement: 30dB
Harmonious Distress: 10 %
Frequency Response: 300-4000Hz
Mode with a 1.5V battery (included)
Consumption: & GT; 4 MA

Weight 0.5 kg