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The company Tradesor O.E. with the main object the B2B wholesale sales and imports of products, holds an active role in the Greek and global market since 2005, performing annually more than 50 imports of containers from Asia. With several years of experience in product imports and exports, the company is able to fully know the needs of the market, meeting the demand of 2,500+ customers who trust it daily and ensuring the high quality by providing a 1-year warranty on all imported items. It also pioneers the possibility of importing products from Asia to all the businesses in the field, fully absorbing the unbearable customs duties, transport and other fixed costs. In addition, the management of the company is possessed by a strong sense of social responsibility with large donations to organizations that defend the human rights. Recently, the company donated a variety of material in the deadly fires that hit Greece in August 2021. In September 2022 the company will move to a fully owned space of 3,500 sq.m. in the most central part of Western Thessaloniki and more specifically at 184 Monastiriou Street, while at the beginning of 2022 the company presented the official resale and dealer network of its items initially in 3 major Greek cities such as Athens, Larissa and Kastoria.

The message of the administration

“My vision is complex, I want to make Thessaloniki, through Tradesor O.E., a strong center for managing wholesale products from and to all over the world. After careful planning, endless hours of work and many years of study, I strongly believe in this project and share it with you through the company’s B2B project. The project starts in November 2019 and will be completed at the end of 2024. It includes a sales channel of B2B wholesale products. More specifically, through the production of our own products under our brand, we list some additional services such as technical support, xml live feed catalog, the possibility of “Become an importer”, marketing services through official partners, an official resale and dealer network in many Greek cities and is completed with the relocation of the company to a new fully owned space and a gradual change of our sales model from simple wholesale to a complete system that provides marketing services, web design and direct resale of our items. Thus, we provide to all bussiness in the sales field who do not have the know-how of e-commerce, through their cooperation with us, a complete consultant, partner, friend and supplier who will be by his side from the first sale, guiding him with practical advice and smart solutions that will bring him immediate profit and opportunities for development in the world of e-commerce. “

Christos Κoroniadis
Tradesor O.E – CEO

Sapfous 30, Thessaloniki, Greece, P.O 54627

2310 517888 & 6982771872 (Website) – 2310 385588 (Store)

For questions, requests and informations: [email protected]
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Get in contact with our CEO: [email protected]

Monday to Friday – 10:00 until 18:00
Saturday & Sunday CLOSED
Get in contact with our offices: 2310 517888

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